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Sally Jane Cameron


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Mzansi means south or down in Zulu and Xhosa, as in the South in South Africa.

15 Patterns inspired by South Africa. More details of print book

I love South Africa. I have lived abroad a few times and always return with a sense of being home. There is nothing like the smell of rain on African soil, or the diversity of people and scenery that takes your breath away.

When I first met Andre on a trip to Cape Town many years ago he showed me around the city and I got to glimpse the world through a photographers eye. What struck me was the time it took to ‘get’ the perfect shot. Most of all it takes stopping and looking at the world in a different way. I now live in this beautiful city and am often reminded how easy it is to rush past the beauty that surrounds us. Photographer stop, plan the time and light, and then wait, looking to find the perfect shot.

Andre’s pictures inspired me to combine my love of knitting and his beautiful images to show case our country in

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