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50g ball of croft 29 wool dark brown in colour

Croft29 - 50g Ball

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This super special yarn has come all the way down from the Isle of Skye to fluph. I adore this yarn, its a beautiful chocolatey brown natural shade. Sheared by the man of the croft and spun with Sue Blacker at the natural fiber company this yarn is delicious in every way. ALSO Mac the sheep dog, hes so adorable, id buy it just for that reason!

Croft29 is situated in the crofting district of Kilmuir on Skye’s northernmost peninsula, Totternish, is home to a small flock of mainly Hebridean and Shetland sheep.

When we first started with the croft we had Cheviot sheep, but then we tried a small number of Shetland ewes. The hebridean flock followed and we have been really pleased with them.

Stephen says “they are good mothers with less problems at lambing and are much easier to handle because they are a bit smaller, which is great for encouraging the children to help….the shearing is easier too!”

Stephen shears the sheep himself using the traditional method of hand shearing, so it is particularly satisfying when we get the fleeces back as spun yarn.

Weight - Aran

Meterage - 84 meters

Unit Weight - 50g

Fibre content - 100% Hebridean wool (from Skye)

Spun by the natural fiber company 


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